We make framing easy

Life can be complicated enough so we believe in making the process as straight-forward as possible.  It doesn’t matter whether you are having a certificate framed or a rugby jersey, the steps you need to follow are exactly the same.  

1 . Come and see us!  

Don’t worry if you’ve no idea what to do, we’re here to help.  If your artwork is being re-framed we will take it out of the old frame while you wait.  This makes it much easier to look at new options.  We can tell you about the best ways to protect your artwork using conservation framing methods and materials.

2. Design

What style of framing do you like?  You’ll be able to look at our range of frames and the artworks on our walls. This will help you work out the look you want.  We have a great range of contemporary frames as well as beautiful ornates and more natural woods.  Some of our recent framing projects may give you a starting point.  Look at our work on Instagram and Facebook.

3. Cost

What’s your budget?  Framing can be economical and it can be extravagant. We’ll be able to tell you how much different options will cost. The size of your artwork, the quality of the materials used and the technical expertise required are all factors. We’ll give you an exact price, but you don’t need to pay until you collect the work.  

4. Time Scale 

We can usually frame a picture within a day if you are in a rush, but we generally have a two week turn-around time.

Other Services

Bespoke Mirrors:  We can make a mirror to your dimensions so it fits your space perfectly.  There’s a good variety of ornate frames and contemporary profiles to choose from.  

Stretching Canvases:  If you’re an artist who needs quality canvas stretched to a specific size we can help.  

Reglazes: broken glass is no problem for us to replace .  Let us remove the pieces of glass to minimise potential damage to your work.

Reproducing & Printing Artwork

If you are looking for top quality giclee prints of your work we recommend you visit the specialists at CopyArt in Richmond.   They have the best Super High Resolution Scanner in the area and are able to provide you with prints on canvas and on various types of paper.