Quality framing will take your artwork to the next level

When artwork is professionally presented it does make all the difference. Good quality framing and thoughtful design will enhance your work and mean it’s more likely to sell.

“I love sending my work to Gill and James and the team at The Framing Rooms to get the ‘framing rooms treatment’.  When I get busy it’s just one less thing to worry about.  I can box the art, send it and it comes back all glam and ready to exhibit!  They give super service and have a wealth of framing knowledge and experience to find the right framing solution for your work.  I can’t endorse them enough“. Bonnie Coad, Marlborough artist

artwork by Bonnie Coad
framing a fabric artwork

“It’s wonderful to have a framer who goes the extra mile for you and helps to show your work in it’s best light. My work is selling well at exhibition and I do think that the great framing and presentation is supporting that.“ Fleur Woods