Making your artworks look their very best

 Whether you have new art to get up on the wall or something that needs refreshing, we can offer you some fresh ideas.  Don’t worry if you don’t know the first thing about picture framing, we’ll help you every step of the way.  

Framing Consultations

When you bring in your framing we consider a couple of things. We will show you the framing combinations that will show off your artwork in the best way. We will also talk to you about the kind of aesthetic you like and what will work in your home or work place.

You may know exactly what you want or you may want our guidance. We’re here to help. We will tell you the cost of your framing when you drop off your work so there are no surprises when you come to collect. Our turn-around time is generally 2 – 3 weeks but if you need something in a hurry let us know.  

Bespoke and Hand-Made

Everything we do is made by hand here in our Nelson workshop. When you bring in your artworks you will be able to see the team at work. Our frames are sourced from New Zealand and overseas. We have a beautiful range of top quality Italian frames for those extra special jobs.

As well as art, we frame mirrors to your specification. Ornate, classical and contemporary – we have a wonderful range of frames to choose from.

Conservation Framing

Our framing techniques and archival materials mean that your artworks are protected as much as possible from the harm caused by light, insects and moisture in the environment. If an artwork that you care about has been framed for more than 20 years it is advisable to bring it along to us for a ‘Warrant of Fitness’.


We offer all types of glass from regular picture glass, which is the most economical, through to Museum Glass that is ultra clear and offers protection from fading due to UV light.

Sometimes accidents happen and artworks can fall from the wall. If this happens to you bring the framed work to us. We will remove the broken glass and put in a new piece. Easy!

Stretching a canvas

Paintings on canvas generally need to be stretched around a sub-frame. The tensioning makes the surface of the painting flat and it enables the artwork to be easily hung on a wall. Stretched canvases can have an additional frame to give them more status on the wall. Talk to us about options.

Framing Textiles

We are experienced in the framing of cross stitches and embroideries. The photograph shows the back of a cross stitch being laced. This process ensures that the textile piece stays taut and straight.

We also frame sport jerseys, tea towels and any other fabrics.