Show off your treasures

We’ve framed some fascinating memorabilia over the years, from an antique huia feather to a car registration plate that held special memories. Framing objects protects them from the elements, such as light, moisture, insects and pollutants. It also means that personal items can be beautifully displayed on the wall rather than being tucked away in a drawer.

When you come to us with something for framing we will work with you on creating the look you want. This will involve choosing the frame, the background behind the object and how it is placed. For example, you may have several items that you want to arrange in a grouping. Then we will talk to you about how the object is mounted. For something that is valuable we ensure that anything we do is reversible. Medals are a good example of this. We stitch the medals onto the backing matboard so that they are held invisibly and can be removed without causing any damage. We use a box frame which allows for more space so the glass is spaced away from the medals. We recommend using UV protective glass for any objects that are valuable and prone to deterioration from light.

“Thank you for the fabulous framing you have done of my Dad & Gran’s Medals. I took a photo of them and sent it to my Dad so he could share my delight. He is overjoyed with the result and it takes a lot for my Dad to compliment anyone or anything. You’ve done a fantastic job and it’s very much appreciated. Jess, Richmond